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Java API java-V3.4.8-trial

Brief introduction
Function Features
Function Demos
Operating system conditions
Function Introduction
    Java-V3.4.8-trial is an interface based on JAVA to accomplish SMS function. It supports the cross-platform SMS, and applies to the operating systems like windows XP, 2000, 2003 and Linux. It’s an ideal tool to integrate business systems with SMS systems.

    1、 At present, it mainly supports Wavecom series and Siemens series like M1206B, M1306B, WMOD2 Wismo, MC35i, M35, M50, M65, C45, TC35i and C65.
    2、 Support both PDU and TEXT protocol.
    3、 Support both sending and receiving of SMS.
    4、 Support the coded formats like 7bit, 8bit and UCS2 (Unicode).
    5、 Support super long messages.
    6、 Support flash SMS.
    7、 Support WAP PUSH.
    8、 Support status reports.
    9、 Support the status display of GSM Modems.