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Jindi All-In-One Modem MN1408
     Jindi all-in-one modem MN1408 is a masterpiece in the SMS field of our company in recent years. It makes MAS and modem pool together,and has realized SMS function through software and hardware. That greatly improves the success rate when sending messages. This kind of all-in-one design enhances the reliability and mainly applies to key business issues.
Specifications And Parameters
Function Features
Interfaces and Accessories
Product Introduction
     MAS is a SMS server provided by CMCC to its group customers, and it can provide SMS function to other systems through interfaces. But there are some inconveniences for the practical use:

     1、Communication Problems
     According to the rules of CMCC, MAS can only send messages to mobile users and it should conform to the white list at the same time .Phone numbers of users should be reported to CMCC. Users can’t send messages to the number until approval. If users want to send messages to phone numbers of China Unicom and China Telecom, they need to develop unicom and telecom interface separately. Besides, to realize SMS function to each other among these three operators, the cost of development and time will increase without doubt.

     2、Charge Problems
     Users of MAS have to purchase a minimum consumption package. The installation fee is 10000 yuan, and the monthly flat rate is no less than 700 yuan, which contains 10000pcs of short messages. Besides, if the user sends messages less than 10000pcs, the rest of fee won’t be returned to him, or if more than 10000pcs, he should pay for the extra part. Even if the user sends no message in one year, he still need to pay ¥700*12=¥8400. Like this status, the user needs to pay ¥42000 after 5 years. That’s not cost-effective.
     Generally speaking, operators charge according to the package. The main two types of businesses are Enterprise Short Message and MAS. There are several telecom calls such as Enterprise Messager, Kuanle Communication, Business Navigator and so on. Also called Industry Short Message in unicom. Take the case of MAS tariff list(other operators are more or less):

     Compared to the above, Jindi all-in-one Modem has the following advantages:

     1、Sending flexibly.
     Users can send SMS through gateway and modem. The function that three nets united as one is embedded in the gateway, and the user can send SMS to each other without extra development. Users can choose the gateway or the modem freely when sending SMS. Besides, users can set priority of the two ways, such as modem priority or gateway priority.

     2、Sending Reliably.
     Data can be backed up for each other when sending SMS by gateway or modem. If the message sent by gateway is failed, it can be sent again by modem.

     3、Flexible Charge.
     If sent by gateway, your charge depends on your pieces of messages. If sent by modem, you buy and recharge SIM card by yourself.

     4、Flexible Interface.
     MAS needs SOAP interface, which is complex and redundant, and not convenient for secondary development. However, Jindi all-in-one modem supports HTTP and DB interfaces. It can be integrated with other applications quickly and easily through calling HTTP URL or writing data to database.

Applicable Network And Frequency
Applicable operator: Standard:China Mobile GSM/GPRS/EDGE/4G,China Unicom GSM
Option:China Telecom CDMA2000
Applicable frequency: Standard:Dual-band GSM900/1800Mhz
Option:Quad-band GSM900/1800/850/1900Mhz
SMS sending speed
By Port: High speed:600*8pcs/h Medium speed:400*8pcs/h Low speed:200*8pcs/h(the speed can be adjusted according to the demand of operator or software.)
By gateway: 300pcs/s
Sending channel
By hardware: Embedded with 8 data terminals
By software: Embedded with a gateway channel of three nets united as one
AT commands: Conform to the standard GSM07.05 、GSM07.07 and Wavecom > 300
SMS codes and formats
Text/PDU format SMS:
SMS code and format: UCS2、7bit、8bit
Long message sending: Support long messages no more than 1000 characters
Support WAP PUSH message:
Support FLASH: