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Jindi WAVECOM M1203A
     WAVECOM M1203A GSM/GPRS MODEM(Assembled, Q2406A chip, RS232/USB interface)
     This modem is assembled with the French original WAVECOM chip, and it has two optional interfaces, RS232 and USB. It can be connected directly with RS232 or USB of PC. Also it can control SMS through AT commands, and support GPRS Internet access……
     · Dual-band GSM external modem
     · EGSM900/1800Mhz or EGSM900/1900MHz
     · Small size and shockproof aluminum shell
     · Installed and can be used immediately , connect Internet instantly
     · Certified by all the GSM Phase2+technical standards
     · Voice, messaging, fax and data transmission
     · Designed for a specific application of the AT command telecontrol system
Specifications And Parameters
Function Features
Interfaces and Accessories
Technical Specification
Product?Performance: Dual-band GSM modem (EGSM900/1800MHz or EGSM900/1900MHz), applied to the data, fax, voice and messaging applications, certified by all the ETSI GSM Phase2+technical standards, and its design and development conform to these standards (General Telephone)
Output Power: Class4(2W@900MHz)
Input Voltage: 5V-32V
Input Current: 5mA standby,140mA @12V phone state?GSM900MHz
5mA standby,100mA @12V phone state GSM1800/1900MHz
Temperature Range: -20 ℃ - +55 ℃ working state
-25 ℃ - +70 ℃ storage state
Product Size: 98×54×25mm
Net Weight: 130g