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    MU-106 is the newly developed USB modem pool of our company. It has well solved the problem of USB power supply. Besides, it can work stably for a long time without crash and reboot. The standard 1U rack-mounted design makes it can be put into the standard cabinet directly. For this modem owns two USB interfaces that input and output separately, it can realize more than one modem in series, which can connect at most four sets of MU-106 to send SMS by thirty-two ports at the same time.
GSM:· Asynchronous, transparent or opaque, the highest standard 14400 bits/s
        · Baud rate: 300-115200 bits/s
        · Automatic baud rate: from 2,400 to 19,200 bits/s
        · Support the third type of automatic fax machine
        · Switch between voice and fax
        · V.42,V.42bis

CDMA:· Support TCP/IP UDP and PPP protocol
          · 2W RF power output
          · High sensitivity antenna
          · 153Kbps full duplex transmissibility
          · Power supply voltage 5V~16V
          · Enter power-save mode automatically
          · Automatic recovery- Time reset
Specifications And Parameters
Function Features
Interfaces And Accessories
Product Performance
A、Advantages Of The System:
The wireless modem pool based on customer groups actual needs, can meet the following requirements of the enterprise:
· 1、Deliver the same or different information for customers;
· 2、Contact employees and issue meeting notifications in time;
· 3、Avoid spending a lot of manpower, material resources and time on the information transmission;
· 4、Avoid the high communication cost per month;
· 5、Provide more communications for enterprises to their customers(members), their partners and their employees.
B、Features Of The System:
· 1、Send SMS to the cluster: it can send the same message to lots of targets at the same time.
· 2、Wide distribution: it has widely distributed target groups, and support the scattered distribution too. Fast: messages can be received just in a very short time after sent out.
· 3、Convenient: receive messages by the phones carried with users.
· 4、Accurate: messages can be received accurately and timely.
· 5、Without omissions: messages are sent out by the computer, which greatly avoids omissions caused by the human factor.
· 6、Strong visibility: messages are sent and received by text.
· 7、Economical: it’s free to receive massages, and the charge of sending messages depends on the standards of different operators, without any other extra fees such as a long distance fee, a roaming fee and so on.
· 8、Time-saving and efficient: a same message can be sent to lots of targets at the same time; and it can be dealt with more than one modem to save lots of time.
· Per hour (with eight channels):4800pcs of messages
· Per twenty-four hours(with eight channels):115200pcs of messages
Technical Specification

· Eight channels embedded, and it can support eight SIM cards at the same time
· 1.8V/3V slide-on holder of SIM card
· Baud rate: 300-115200bits/s
· Support EGSM900/GSM1800(GSM domestic)
· Support EGSM900/GSM1800/GSM850/GSM1900(GSM international)
· Support CDMA2000 1X800MHZ(CDMA)
· Temperature Range: -20°C to +65°C
· USB interface
· Support AT commands
· Transmission rate 19200-115200
· Input 220V 50HZ
· Average speed of each channel: six seconds per piece(right numbers and good signals), 4800pcs can be sent per hour with eight channels
· Size 485 x 295 x 45 (mm)

Application Scope
· Large shopping malls, large supermarkets
· Professional markets, Large-scale wholesalers
· Large hotels, large-scale places of entertainments
· Large travel agencies
· The transport industry, the logistics industry
· Large enterprises, institutions
· Large hospitals, large bookstores
· Newspaper, TV station, radio
· Oil company (other chain operation companies)
· Government offices or large rural areas