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Jindi SMS robot stand-alone version 8.9
     Jindi SMS robot stand-alone version 8.9 is a bulk SMS software designed for enterprises and institutions. It lets enterprises make the best of SMS function provided by China Mobile (or China Unicom) to release variety information about themselves. This robot supports the SMS group delivery (such as SMS advertisements, customer contact and releasing notices of new products ), the SMS packet delivery (such as meeting notices and urgent notices), the SMS scheduled delivery (such as SMS reminders, SMS congratulations and SMS wishes), the SMS report on the work and so on, thus improving the office efficiency and reducing the office cost.

    The function list of this robot:
    · It sends messages by the modem on the computer without internet connection;
    · It can set a password for the system administrator to ensure the system security;
    · Support the scheduled SMS;
    · Support Wap Push messages;
    · It can send messages to PHS numbers;
    · Receive messages in real time and read existing messages in the SIM card;
    · It can research phone numbers in a city or specified number segment areas;
    · It can automatically send group messages according to the number segment;
    · It can automatically complete the detection and configuration of the modem;
    · Support multi-serial port and multithreading synchronous transmission, and the sending speed and amount can be control by users.