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Jindi RS232 MODEM POOL MC-880066
     The product model of this modem is MC-880066, which embeds at most eight wireless modules in. It can send messages by eight SIM cards inserted at the same time and the speed is eight times faster than a channel. The power supply is 220V, and it can stably work for a long time. Besides, the design of 1U rack-mounted almost occupies no space.
GSM:· Asynchronous, transparent or opaque, the highest standard 14400 bits/s
        · Baud rate: 300-115200 bits/s
        · Automatic baud rate: from 2,400 to 19,200 bits/s
        · Support the third type of automatic fax machine
        · Switch between voice and fax
        · V.42,V.42bis

CDMA:· Support TCP/IP UDP and PPP protocol
          · 2W RF power output
          · High sensitivity antenna
          · 153Kbps full duplex transmissibility
          · Power supply voltage 5V~16V
          · Enter power-save mode automatically
          · Automatic recovery- Time reset
Specifications And Parameters
Function Features
Interfaces And Accessories
A、Advantages Of The System:
The wireless modem pool based on customer groups actual needs, can meet the following requirements of the enterprise:
· 1、Deliver the same or different information for customers;
· 2、Contact employees and issue meeting notifications in time;
· 3、Avoid spending a lot of manpower, material resources and time on the information transmission;
· 4、Avoid the high communication cost per month;
· 5、Provide more communications for enterprises to their customers(members), their partners and their employees.
B、Features Of The System:
· 1、Send SMS to the cluster: it can send the same message to lots of targets at the same time.
· 2、Wide distribution: it has widely distributed target groups, and support the scattered distribution too. Fast: messages can be received just in a very short time after sent out.
· 3、Convenient: receive messages by the phones carried with users.
· 4、Accurate: messages can be received accurately and timely.
· 5、Without omissions: messages are sent out by the computer, which greatly avoids omissions caused by the human factor.
· 6、Strong visibility: messages are sent and received by text.
· 7、Economical: it’s free to receive massages, and the charge of sending messages depends on the standards of different operators, without any other extra fees such as a long distance fee, a roaming fee and so on.
· 8、Time-saving and efficient: a same message can be sent to lots of targets at the same time; and it can be dealt with more than one modem to save lots of time.
· Per hour (with eight channels):4800pcs of messages
· Per twenty-four hours(with eight channels):115200pcs of messages
Technical Specification

· Eight channels embedded, and it can support eight SIM cards at the same time
· 1.8V/3V slide-on holder of SIM card
· Baud rate: 300-115200bits/s
· Support EGSM900/GSM1800(GSM domestic)
· Support EGSM900/GSM1800/GSM850/GSM1900(GSM international)
· Support CDMA2000 1X800MHZ(CDMA)
· Temperature Range: -20°C to +65°C
· RS232 interface
· Support AT commands
· Transmission rate 19200-115200
· Input 220V 50HZ
· Average speed of each channel: six seconds per piece(right numbers and good signals), 4800pcs can be sent per hour with eight channels
· Size 485 x 295 x 45 (mm)

Application Scope
· Water conservancy hydro power
· Municipal engineering
· Intelligent transportation
· Disaster prevention and mitigation
· Financial and tax controlling
· Environment monitoring
· Petroleum and petrochemical
· Power industry
· Intelligent farming
· Industry and machine room monitoring
· Wireless city
· Wireless LED
· Environmental protection
· Financial POS
· Large shopping malls,large supermarkets
· Professional markets,Large-scale wholesalers
· Large hotels, large-scale places of entertainments
· Large travel agencies
· The transport industry, the logistics industry
· Large enterprises, institutions
· Large hospitals, large bookstores
· Newspaper, TV station, radio
· Oil company (other chain operation companies)
· Government offices or large rural areas