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     Jindi MU124 is a new generation table-top modem pool with ten channels and an USB interface. Users can choose the type of GSM/GPRS or CDMA. Its voltage of power supply is 5~24V, and for its military quality, strong stability and compact shape, it can be widely used in civil, industrial, defense and other fields. Its small size is the greatest characteristic. It occupies less area and can be taken in the bag anytime. That’s quite suitable to connect with laptop. Besides, it has two more channels than the 1U rack-mounted and faster speed.
     The compact design within this modem greatly improves the stability and signal strength.
     Its case is made of thickening steel plate, which processed by high precision CNC machine, and it can withstand a certain pressure.
     It can be used in harsh environment, such as the high or low temperature, the weak signal in machine rooms, the remote mountain area and so on.
Specifications And Parameters
Function Features
Interfaces and Accessories
Product Performance

◎ Ten channels for SMS, support ten SIM cards at the same time, the sending and receiving speed is ten times faster than a single channel.
◎ An USB interface, can be connected with a computer just through a USB data cable, can be used as long as there is a USB interface on the computer. It can widely apply to laptops, desktops, tower servers, racks of servers, industrial personal computer and so on.
◎ Industrial chassis, small size(the area is similar to a book), especially suitable for the desktop use.
◎ The speed can reach 6000pcs/h in case there is no speed limit.

Technical Specification
· Support GSM/GPRS/CDMA Wavecom modules
· Conform to the standard of ETSI GSM 2+
· Power supply: 5-24 V DC(can be directly connected to the lithium or nickel metal hydride batteries )
· Baud rate: 9600-115200 bits/s
· Working temperature: -20°C - +55°C
· Storage temperature: -25°C - +70°C
· Size: 17.5*12.5*5.5 (CM)
· Net weight: 1.14Kg
· Parts list: SMA antenna *10, Power supply *1, USB data cable *1, Software CD *1
Application Scope
· SMS notifications of OA system on the LAN, SMS reminders of MAIL, SMS reminders of website
· Monitoring equipment in computer rooms, monitoring alerts of network management software
· CRM SMS marketing, mass messages to members and students
· Expand SMS function to?C/S or B/S software?
· Monitoring and remote maintenance applications such as computer rooms, warehouses, office buildings, mobile communication base stations, microwave stations, fiber-optical relay stations and so on
· Aided dispatching and monitoring expressway and high-speed railway
· Mobile securities trading and information inquiry
· Mobile data inquiry by the public security office(ID, criminal records etc)
· Mobile data inquiry by the traffic police(vehicle, files of drivers etc)
· Line data inquiry by the communications maintainer
· Mobile data inquiry by other field staffs
· GSM/SMS real time monitoring and maintenance system to urban public utilities
· Real time data collections and automatic control to the gas?offtake?station
· Real time monitoring and maintenance to the net of tap water and sewage pipes
· Real time monitoring and maintenance to the thermal system
· Real time monitoring and automatic compensation to the city power system, automatic meter reading
· Other GSM GPRS EDGE WCDMA application fields
· Mobile workings and managements
· Industrial remote sensing, telemetry, remote control information and report back